10 Simple Weight Loss Tips

There is quite a bit of difference in the needs and goals of the folks I train, however eating healthy is always at the top of my list.  I don’t believe in fads or “diets”, rather I work to create simple habits and easy decisions.  With folks on more specific overall loss goals, I can […]

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Plyometrics for Cycling

Plyometrics have been around for a long time, although it is quite new to many cyclists.  Sports that require a lot of explosiveness (basketball, football, most all sports…) have been using plyos to get more power for over 30 years.  It is a less used workout in endurance sports.  I am actually a big believer […]

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Colorado National Monument

I have to say, few rides exceed my expectations.  On our recent trip out West, my brother and I decided to mix up mtb and road bike rides.  On the first day we attacked the CNM and I was extremely impressed with this place.  What an amazing ride.  The climbs aren’t super hard, the scenery is […]

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Fruita Moab 2015

Great trip to Fruita and Moab with my brother.  We were accompanied by 3 CDS bikes (HSS road, Cross set up for Road and the 29er) and my Specialized FSR Pro 26″. I road my 29er exclusively and it held up great and performed flawlessly.  I have say some of the climbs had me reevaluating […]

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Cyclocross Training

Cyclocross is starting very soon in Colorado and if you haven’t started training you are all ready behind. I love cross. I have often said that if I could pick any one bike racing to be good at it would be cross. I combines all the things I like about bike racing into an hour […]

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Hiring a Cycling Coach

Since the fall is when I get most of my new clients, a little reminder of why coaches can help. As with many things, the internet has created an abundance of information on all kinds of topics.  There are training plans up the wazzoo available for free that are pretty darn good.  So if you’re […]

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