Covid-19 Sucks

What’s up world?  I’ve been pretty quiet for a while, busy with life and other things.  Not a lot of frame building (just some repair work) and not a lot of racing.  I did sign up for a 12 hour mountain bike race this year, which promptly got cancelled/delayed.  So we shall see what 2020 […]

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When I talk to anyone 30ish and under I quickly find out that the concept of Zwift isn’t such an out of the world experience, but for me it really is quite a game changer.  I’ll provide a breakdown of why I think it will/has changed the game of cycling and why it might be good […]

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Happy New Year – 2018

As we begin a new year, I hope everyone is healthy, happy and safe. I believe in setting goals and working towards them.  I don’t worry about meeting them, necessarily.  The process of setting and working creates a greater value than simply meeting the goals.  So set those goals, start the work, and enjoy the ride!

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Two Hard Days on the Bike

One of the harder things to get used to is the concept of two hard days on the bike in a row is a huge benefit to training.  Research has shown that alternating hard and easy days can help with your training as a basic concept.  Of course, the key is to go HARD and […]

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