Training Camp

Just finished a 3 day training camp with the team.  Great riding, great weather, and great folks.  One thing that never stops amazing me is that I always seem to be hanging with some great people on the bike.  Sure everyone is a bit different, but all good people at their core.  This is the […]

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Balancing life is clearly one of the hardest things to deal with.  I can’t remember a time since I have had kids where it wasn’t a sacrifice of something to do the other thing.  Helping the wife dig rocks in the garden hours before a race, surely making it pointless to race at all.  Taking a […]

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One of the cool things about coaching is that you get to live through other folks.  It is like being able to race 10 races each weekend.  And like a father watching his son/daughter, you live and die with them out on the road. The wins are bigger than your own and the losses more devastating.  […]

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Everyday Racer

The reason I named the site everyday racer was simply because I have found that to have any chance at competing you need to be a racer everyday, not just on race day.  The cool thing is that doesn’t mean you have to live like a pro cyclist.  You can have a full time job, a […]

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First Race of 2010

Took the sprint in the first race of the year, almost caught the four man break up the road.  2nd place is a good way to start the year.  Ended up 14th in the next race.  A 9 man break went up the road and I got 5th in the sprint.  Not a bad day […]

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I started coaching and always have coached athletes based entirely on word of mouth.  I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about getting the next client, I guess I am more concerned about making the athletes I work with faster.  So here it is, some type of website to discuss coaching, cycling, racing, family, […]

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