Training Camp

Just finished a 3 day training camp with the team.  Great riding, great weather, and great folks.  One thing that never stops amazing me is that I always seem to be hanging with some great people on the bike.  Sure everyone is a bit different, but all good people at their core.  This is the first time in a while that most of the team seems to have real jobs.  Nearly everyone is married and working full time.  A true testament to their ability to get it done with their other life goals in the mix. 

I for one was pretty nervous about having too much going on this weekend with way more riding than usual and a drive to Denver and back.  The family made it work, I took Friday off work and hung out in the morning.  An amazing hike with my two daughters and the dogs in the morning and a good ride in the afternoon up to Ward.  Saturday the team was riding from Denver, so we arranged for the family to hit a museum and the Disney on ice performance in the morning while I got beat up on the climbs SW of Denver.   Then we had a great lunch at the aquarium and home for some much needed rest.  Sunday I made chilli for lunch and the team road on the famous Boulder-Roubaix course.   The roads were in the best condition I have ever seen and we had a great time.  The afternoon was finishing laundry, wrestling with the kids, playing starwars, and some coaching work.  The weekend was capped off perfectly with some movie time with the wife and a solid night of sleep.

Now I just need to recover and get ready to prep the family garden and tear up the race next weekend.

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