Sprinting Training

One of my favorite YouTube movies out recently “Shit Cyclists Say” has many a classic line. One of my favorites is the “I’m not a sprinter” and “I’m not a climber” exchange. From day one, racers seem to put themselves in one category or another. When I raced in TX, I did not consider myself […]

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Bike Build-8

 Started painting the bike this weekend.  Of course, I didn’t realize painting the bike would take as long as it took to build it.  The kids helped with the fingerprintes on the frame to add that special Mother’s Day feel.  Only thing left is logos and clear coat.     

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Bike Build – 7

Here is the finished frame.  Next step is painting.  I am going to paint it myself because I am not sure I can even find someone to do the complicated paint job I want to do, coupled with the interaction of my kids adding their finger prints to the design.  In the future, I can […]

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Valley of the Sun

The team’s first race of the year is always interesting.  If your team has been racing together for years, it is all about seeing who is fit and shaking out the first race.  Sonic Boom is a pretty new group of guys.  So for us it is a lot about learning about each other and […]

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Bike Build – 5

After the front triangle came the rear triangle and the dreaded rear wheel alignment.  This is supposedly the hardest part for the novice frame builder.  It took about 3 hours to get it where I wanted.  But when I was done, I was feeling pretty good about the bike working out.   After I had […]

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