2012 Goals


After a year in review, I wanted to discuss some goals for 2012.  I haven’t been one to right down my goals for bike racing every year.  However, I want to push it this year since I am a huge believer in doing it.

  • Find a team that is fast – I cheated on this one because I think http://sonicboomracing.com/is going to be smoking this year
  • Win a big race – I am completely confident that I can do this, just need the right amount of luck and fitness
  • Travel to a few races – I am fast coming on the close of my racing career in the P12s and I want to see a few out of state races this year. Plus it is always easier outside of Boulder, right? 
  • Keep the weight down – Although I had good results last year at slightly heavier weight, I think I can be a bit faster 7-10 lbs. lighter
  • Support my team in winning a stage race or big one day race – I hope to start next week with Valley of the Sun
  • Upgrade in Cyclocross – I am currently racing as a 3 and know that I can do well enough to upgrade.  I just really need to find a way to stay healthy in the fall this year.
  • Promote the team sponsors – I am spending significantly more time working on promoting the team this year.  I will have some posts on each sponsor throughout the year: http://sonicboomracing.com/sponsors

Well there they are to stare back up at me every time I look at the website.

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