Bike Building – 1

I’ve always wanted to build bikes and am thinking it might be something to do when I retire.  The wife (the amazing person that she is) bought me a couple of books for Christmas and gave me a open account to start building.  Needless to say I was pretty excited.

There are plenty of websites out there that take a person through a build, so I won’t be doing that.  But I do have a few pics and some stories to tell.  ‘

Of course the first thing I had to was design the bike.  This was fairly complicated since my wife was very specific about her needs.  A more upright road bike with stable handling.  I had ordered oversize steel to make a cross bike for myself, so this build was going to end up being the stiffest steel bike out on the road in her 51 cm size.  There were definitely some complications and I had to rework most of the angles I was going to use to get it right.  Being a designer, I used AutoCad to create the bike with every measurement, angle, etc. to get it exactly how I wanted.  This was definitely a big help in the construction of the frame.

bike Model (1)

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