Valley of the Sun

The team’s first race of the year is always interesting.  If your team has been racing together for years, it is all about seeing who is fit and shaking out the first race.  Sonic Boom is a pretty new group of guys.  So for us it is a lot about learning about each other and jelling as a team.  Jim decided to target this race as his big race of the year.  This is a daunting goal since the race is mid February and most CO cyclists are just now coming out of hybernation.  It is even more daunting considering that the racers in Arizona consider this the biggest event of the year.  So Jim decided to peak when most of us are still skiing and then come down and ruin someone else’s party.  I think I like this guy.

The first day is a long, flat 14.2 TT.  3 of our better time trialists brought TT bikes and the other 3 brought road bikes.  We simply only had room for so many bikes.  I set up a set of borrowed clip ons and made due.  The goal was for us worker bees to save energy for the 94 mile RR on Saturday and for the TT guys to win, especially Jim.  The plan worked to perfection and Jim won by a full minute.

Next stop is defending the lead,  it is a huge field of riders and there will be some very motivated racers.  This will be a great test of how we race as a team.

By the way, I finished about 4 1/2 minutes behind Jim.  I did a comfortable high tempo to stay more fresh for the RR.  The legs felt surprisingly good.

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