Training/Racing in Poor Weather

Every year around February is becomes a challenge in CO for training. Earlier in the winter it is easy to do something else other than ride because you still have a long time before race season. So if it is cold or windy, you just run or hike or snowshoe or ski or whatever. But as the season draws closer the demand of having to ride becomes more important. Additionally, there is the realization that you will likely be racing in these awful conditions at some point in March, April or May. Boulder is notorious for having a steady 40 mph wind, gusting to 80, during this part of the year. The Chinook winds are knocking down fences and somehow you are supposed to train or race. Going back to my football and rugby days, I loved poor weather. Rain, snow, sleet…it all just made the game more hardcore. I have taken that same approach to the weather in cycling. You can’t control it, so just embrace it. Nothing toughens a cyclist up more than fighting 20+ mph winds for 3 hours solo. That mental game of embracing the wind or the freezing cold can pay dividends on race day. So many riders don’t show up and if they do they are already out of the race before it starts. Racing is all about confidence and having that experience of riding in those conditions make it easier to race for sure. In fact, I now get excited to race in horrible conditions. It just adds to the suffering and isn’t that what cyclists are all about. So get out there and embrace the wind, the cold…the suffering.

Look how happy we are. Wet, sleeting, cold, 35 degree dirt filled race.

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