Valley of the Sun

The team’s first race of the year is always interesting.  If your team has been racing together for years, it is all about seeing who is fit and shaking out the first race.  Sonic Boom is a pretty new group of guys.  So for us it is a lot about learning about each other and […]

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Bike Build – 5

After the front triangle came the rear triangle and the dreaded rear wheel alignment.  This is supposedly the hardest part for the novice frame builder.  It took about 3 hours to get it where I wanted.  But when I was done, I was feeling pretty good about the bike working out.   After I had […]

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Bike Build – 4

  Next step was to finish the front triangle.  The big worries here were making sure the frame was aligned, the head tube and seat tube both at the same angle.  Also getting the bottom bracket straight.  I did have to modify the lugs a bit to get the angles I wanted, so there was […]

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Bike Build-3

After setting up the shop, I started working on my brazing and mitering skills.  I spent a couple of weeks getting confident enough to start the real deal.  First step was the head tube.  Here is a pic of the initial head tube after fitting the lug.   After fitting the lugs to the head tube, […]

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Bike Building-2

I built a workspace out of plywood and set it up so that I could still take it down in about 20 minutes.  The only thing lacking was some good lighting.  Since most of my building occurred at night, this was a big annoyance.  I was lucky to order the tubes through a place that […]

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Bike Building – 1

I’ve always wanted to build bikes and am thinking it might be something to do when I retire.  The wife (the amazing person that she is) bought me a couple of books for Christmas and gave me a open account to start building.  Needless to say I was pretty excited. There are plenty of websites […]

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