Boulder Roubaix

I preroad the Boulder Roubaix with the Sonic Boom Racing Team this weekend, knocking out a couple of pretty fast laps with the crew.  I absolutely love this course.  Is it flat enough for me?  No.  Is it easy?  No.  Is it classic, beautiful, hard core?  Yes.  The course requires the full compliment of cycling […]

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Tom Boonen’s Lesson

    After watching Ghent-Wevelgem this weekend, I was reminded of how much it takes to win in cycling.  (BTW if you race and don’t watch professional cycling you are handicapping yourself.  Like any modern day sport, studying film can be a huge help in a non cycling culture like the US)  Anyhow, after watching […]

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Overtraining in the Spring?

Early season training can be treacherous. Especially when you are having good weather like we are in Boulder currently.  No one is looking out for the signs of overtraining.  Heck, you are just getting off the couch, how can you be overtrained?  But as the season begins and everyone is amped up about training and racing, […]

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  Now I am not climber, that is for sure. But I have coached several racers that had climbing goals and it is always interesting to see how folks go about training to improve their climbing. So many racers hop on their bikes and just head up the hill as hard as they can. Sure […]

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Bike Build and Ride

  Finally built up my wife’s bike with some parts.  Had to use a mix of old and new due to budget, but per her request we have pink bar tape, pink tires, and custom pink fork.  Ultimately I would like to throw on Sram Apex white group, white bar/stem and a white with pink […]

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Spring Training

As the season begins it is easy to get caught up in results in the early races.  As a coach, one of my primary roles at this juncture is to understand my athletes goals and where they are in their training process.  Racing often fits in to their overall goals, but most often is not […]

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