Spring Training

As the season begins it is easy to get caught up in results in the early races.  As a coach, one of my primary roles at this juncture is to understand my athletes goals and where they are in their training process.  Racing often fits in to their overall goals, but most often is not their goal in March.  It  can be tough on a racer to go out there and get gutted in a early season crit, but keeping perspective is important.  Expecting a good result after a 15 hour training week with intensity may be a bit much in March.  Expecting that training through races will result in excellent results come May, that is necessary.

So good luck out there and don’t let the warm weather trick your mind/body into thinking it is prime race season.  Nope it is still mid March (I can’t believe it myself) and we all are going to need to improve come April and May.

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