Overtraining in the Spring?

Early season training can be treacherous. Especially when you are having good weather like we are in Boulder currently.  No one is looking out for the signs of overtraining.  Heck, you are just getting off the couch, how can you be overtrained?  But as the season begins and everyone is amped up about training and racing, many racers get out on their bikes and go, go, go.  When the weather is good in the spring, everyone feels like they have to be on the bike.  Enough good weather, motivation, and teammates cheering you on can result in a massive bought with fatigue and eventually overtraining.  Easing into the season is a good thing, but also making the tough decision to not ride on the 80 degree day and to ride on the 45 degree day two days from now.  It isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it sure beats having your legs fall off in April.  Overtraining in Spring can put a huge hole in your season.  The only way to get out of an overtrained situation is rest and it is hard to rest big when all the prime races are coming on.  Often a racer just keeps banging their head against the race wall to realize they wasted a whole season completely fatigued.

So don’t bury yourself too early and train carefully this Spring…your season depends on it.

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