Boulder Roubaix

I preroad the Boulder Roubaix with the Sonic Boom Racing Team this weekend, knocking out a couple of pretty fast laps with the crew.  I absolutely love this course.  Is it flat enough for me?  No.  Is it easy?  No.  Is it classic, beautiful, hard core?  Yes. 

The course requires the full compliment of cycling skills:

  • Raw power on the flats
  • Short punchy climbs
  • Slightly longer climbs
  • Bike handling in the dirt
  • Positioning for key sections
  • Riding in strong winds

This is not a course where you can have a bad day and do well.  You must be on form and focused to compete.  Preriding is a must, unless you plan on being off the front the whole time.   And being off the front the whole time would be a huge achievement.  The course favors a select group break away that can navigate the dirt fast without the pressures of the big group going through and that can stick together in the wind.

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