Koppenburg – Recap

So there are days that you never want to end and there are days that you want to forget immediately.  Yesterday was the latter, as far as bike racing goes.  I had a great set up to the race: A good night sleep (rare for me), a relaxing morning (another rarity with the house, yard, […]

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Ben’s Hope

One of the coolest things about cycling is the focus on charitable events.  There are several “Charity Rides” that support a variety of causes and gives us cyclists a chance to give back while getting on the bike.   I have been fortunate to be on cycling teams and around other individuals that really brought a […]

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The Koppenburg is a spring classic climb AND a sweet spring classic bike race in Colorado. The 1/2 dirt circuit race is a short 44 miles that always feels like a 100 when you are done. The aggressive racing and constant awareness required on the loose dirt wears you down over the race. And then […]

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Racer Diaries

This new site format doesn’t allow me to post video, however the Sonic Boom Racing team has a YouTube site – SBRBicycle that has some up to date stuff on myself, our sponsors and the team.  The racer diaries are kinda cool for checking out how each racer lives, views training, andapproaches racing.  Check them out.

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Busy Life and Training

So after coming back from China it has been GO-GO-GO at work and home. Life gets complicated sometimes and bike racing/training has to be secondary. Usually I try updating my site every 2-3 days, but with all this going on it has been tough to put anything together. I have a ton of material started, […]

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Boulder Roubaix Race Report

    This race is one of my favorites.  I don’t know exactly why since I have never finished it.  I have either flatted or broken a spoke.  So it has been a bit of a love hate relationship.  I love the course.  I love the concept.  I love this time of year.   I hate […]

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Travel and Training

I know how difficult it is to travel and train for bike racing. I do it all the time and many of the athletes I coach are facing this challenge as well. There are several factors to consider: • Illness and fatigue from the actual travel itself • Time off the bike • Stress it […]

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