Busy Life and Training

So after coming back from China it has been GO-GO-GO at work and home. Life gets complicated sometimes and bike racing/training has to be secondary. Usually I try updating my site every 2-3 days, but with all this going on it has been tough to put anything together. I have a ton of material started, but getting it up has been impossible. When things get crazy at work or home for athletes, there are some small ways to keep a certain level of fitness.

Here are some tips I use:

• Ride to work. Even 20-30 minutes is enough time to get in some intensity and just getting on the bike can be helpful.

• Run. 30 minute run can be a good workout and will maintain some level of cardio fitness. This can be dangerous if you don’t ever run, causing massive soreness.

• Concentrate on eating right. Don’t eat as much if you aren’t training as much.

• Work in 1 hour rides and focus on intensity. LT, VO2 efforts in a short time can really keep you in good shape. • Keep perspective. Hopefully this is just a small window of time and you will be back to normal soon. Sometimes you will come out of these rest periods flying on the bike and others will be slow getting in shape. But it only takes a couple of weeks to get back if you have been training all along.

One thought on “Busy Life and Training

  1. “Concentrate on eating right. Don’t eat as much if you aren’t training as much.” I seriously was just about to eat an oatmeal cookie covered in peanut butter. Thanks for nothing jerk.


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