The Koppenburg is a spring classic climb AND a sweet spring classic bike race in Colorado. The 1/2 dirt circuit race is a short 44 miles that always feels like a 100 when you are done. The aggressive racing and constant awareness required on the loose dirt wears you down over the race. And then there is the steep climb every lap that adds just enough pain to often decide the race. The climb used to be REALLY hard. It was pretty much 18″ wide and the race would be decided by who made it up the climb w/o walking or getting caught up in a crash. It is still tough and narrow, but just a bit easier and less complicated than before. I have had some good legs in this race to be squashed by bad luck (broken frame). This is also the race that I totally spaced out last year and missed the winning move. My goal this year is to pay attention and put myself in a good position to do well. We have guys flying on the team right now and I hope we can put together a good race.


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