Ben’s Hope

One of the coolest things about cycling is the focus on charitable events.  There are several “Charity Rides” that support a variety of causes and gives us cyclists a chance to give back while getting on the bike.   I have been fortunate to be on cycling teams and around other individuals that really brought a lot of energy to a number of causes.  Studio One Dental (a main sponsor a few years ago) sponsored our first Bike Rodeo at my kids elementary school and this year it was just awarded the number 1 elementary school in the country for children riding or biking to work.  These things have impact and make a big difference in our communities.

A family friend has created a charity after suffering a personal tragedy.  (Details below)  I personally hope anyone reading this site will consider joining this ride and giving back while getting in a great ride.




Please join our journey in support of Ben’s Hope and Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation by riding in this year’s Elephant Rock!

Proceeds from additional contributions will support the Patients and Families of the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children!


JOIN THE BEN’S HOPE TEAM! You can register as part of the Ben’s Hope team at the Elephant Rock link below. If you want to make a contribution to this great cause, make sure to also go to the Giving First link provided below. Contributions are welcomed from riders and non-riders alike, and at any level. If you want to ride with one of the limited edition “Ben’s Hope” jerseys, make sure you contribute at the $250 level or higher — but ACT NOW since there is only a limited supply of these beautiful keepsakes from our inaugural event!

Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Start times range from 5:30 to 9:30 a.m.

Douglas County Fairgrounds

Castle Rock, Colorado



Elephant Rock Registration Fees

Rider Categories

by 4/30/12

beginning 5/1/12

Adult: 100 and 62 milers



Adult: 34, 25 & 7 milers



Child (under 14): 34,25 & 7 milers




Register Here:

Team Division = Charity

Team Name = Ben’s Hope

Help us raise money to support Ben’s Hope and the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation’s Patient and Family Assistance Fund here:

Fundraising Incentives:
Raise $250 – receive a Ben’s Hope bike jersey.*

* Quantities are limited and deadlines may apply.


Ben’s Hope

Ben and Alex Curtis were born prematurely on October 10, 2000 at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital weighing 1 pound, 7 ounces and 2 pounds, 4 ounces respectively. From day one, Ben had many medical issues. He had problems with his esophagus so he never ate by mouth and he had a narrow trachea so breathing was a constant struggle.

The next eight years proved to be extremely challenging for Ben and the entire Curtis family. “We were in and out of that hospital constantly. I always knew Ben was tough, because he had lived through so many surgeries, so many flight-for-life rides, he was critically ill more times than I can count. I had to resuscitate him I don’t know how many times, yet he kept pulling through. The team at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children was our support system, our extended family,” says mom, Lynn.


Running was the only way Lynn could get out of the house so she ran often. All three of the Curtis boys would ride in the stroller at times but Ben spent the most time in the stroller. During those long runs, Ben would read. Dr. Seuss was his favorite author.

Ben died on July 4, 2009, at the age of eight.


To honor Ben’s life and continue her healing process, Lynn wanted to do one last big run with the stroller – she set her sights on a fourteener – “I wanted to go as steep and as big as I could get.” So, on July 23, 2011 just after 2 a.m., Lynn Curtis began her run up Mount Evans pushing an unwieldy stroller in the darkness laden with food and water, a headlamp and 50 pounds of weights – the amount Ben weighed when he died. At the top of Mount Evans, Lynn pushed the stroller aside and raised a sign overhead: For Ben. “It was a fitting tribute to Ben,” said her husband, Ken. “He was up there with her – he’d never been up there – but he was with us.”


For all of the mountains yet to climb, Lynn established Ben’s Hope in 2012 to provide hope and courage for these children and their families.


You’re off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.

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