Koppenburg – Recap

So there are days that you never want to end and there are days that you want to forget immediately.  Yesterday was the latter, as far as bike racing goes.  I had a great set up to the race: A good night sleep (rare for me), a relaxing morning (another rarity with the house, yard, kids) and I arrived early enough to be calm getting dressed and geared up.  As soon as I pedaled my bike warming up I knew it could be a tough one.  I have had sore legs a few times before a race (not tired, but actually a tinge of pain like weight lifting soreness) and it has never gone well.  Never.  But I tried to ignore the legs and hope they would come around.  They didn’t.  The start was fast and I think the field dropped about 1/2 the riders in the first 3 miles.  I survived up the killer climb fine, but just couldn’t push the pedals hard on the top when needed.  I just couldn’t go over a tempo pace.  Aerobically I was fine, but my legs just wouldn’t respond.  So I went into internal suffer mode and just tried to make the best of it.  I ended up finishing a distant 28th place in the race with most of the field dropping out totally.  Tough day on the bike.  But just like a corner in football, you have to have a one play/one race memory.  The next one is around the corner and it is a new ballgame.

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