Cycling’s Beautiful Story

Bike racing seems to be a great canvas for telling so many of the stories that encompass the human condition. Words we use around my house that are so important for our family values include: perseverance, courage, integrity, respect, value, hard work, team work, and fun. I have used a bike racing to discuss these […]

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Massage Therapy and Cycling

OK, so as an amateur racer I am not used to racing with too much support. One of the big differences between the Pros and the rest of us is the complete focus on racing that a team structure allows, including the support of a soigneur. Fortunately Sonic Boom has an amazing sponsor in Raining […]

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Crashing Your Bike

I don’t like to even discuss crashing, but it is a part of bike racing.  I have been very fortunate to avoid any serious crashes in the last few years. (I did break my arm 2 years ago and have been to the emergency room on bike related accidents about 5 times.)  However I was […]

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End of Spring Season

As June approaches and we begin the dog days of summer racing, there are specific elements in training that I look for in my athletes. First is the advance of overtraining as racing becomes a bigger part of the schedule. Most places in the US have plenty of races going on and it is easy […]

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Wheels of Thunder 35+

I had a similar goal in the 35+ race as the P12.  Stay chill and hope it sticks together.  This race actually started out very hard and I was feeling the previous race.  The attacks on the hill every lap were violently hard.  I was nearly the last guy in the pack just hanging out […]

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Wheels of Thunder

Since I began racing in Colorado I have really enjoyed this race. It is perfect for a guy like me. 1 minute hill all out. Rest on the down hill. Crosswind section. Repeat. I have been in the role of lead-out for the past few years, but had my own reign this weekend since I […]

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Deer Trail

 I came into this race hoping for a good result. I was feeling much better in the last week put in some solid rides against some fast dudes. I rested pretty easy on Saturday, no big activities, except the usual running around with the kids and a morning session in the hills with my kids […]

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Redemption at the Bus Stop

The Bus Stop is an adult entertainment establishment on the north side of Boulder. I like to frequent this location on Tuesday or Thursday nights, mostly because of the excellent group ride that leaves there at 5 PM. This ride is a race pace 1:30-2 hours of rolling hills that is frequented by local pros, […]

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