Wheels of Thunder

Since I began racing in Colorado I have really enjoyed this race. It is perfect for a guy like me. 1 minute hill all out. Rest on the down hill. Crosswind section. Repeat.

I have been in the role of lead-out for the past few years, but had my own reign this weekend since I was solo from my team. I was racing twice, the P12 race first and the 35+ Cat1,2 next. They scheduled the races right in a row and it was perfect. I wish more races were like this, it makes total sense and I love doing two criteriums in a row. I often have better legs in the second race for some reason.

Since I was racing two races and rolling solo, I decided to pretty much do as little work as possible in the P12 race and hope for a mass finish. Since this road is wide open, it is pretty easy to keep the race together. I rolled around and felt very good. I managed to keep position so that my legs didn’t have any stress for most of the race. The hill was the one exception where there were attacks most laps and everyone had to work to hold it together. After endless attacks a group did eventually escape the pack and had a small gap. As the lap counter dwindled down, I was feeling pretty good about catching the break. Unfortunately, for them , we did catch them in the run into the finish on the last lap. That has happened to me a few times and it is tough to lose a race in the last few seconds, I felt bad for them, but happy for me.

The finish is an uphill sprint into the wind and we have a long run in. Perfect for me. I was pretty excited as we hit the run in and positioned myself 10th wheel and planned to go early into the wind so that I could ensure an unimpeded sprint. However my plans went to ruin when a crash occurred to my left and the riders swung out to the right pinching my into the right hand curb and stopping my sprint. I had to break and restart, which is death in a sprint, and managed to salvage 10th place. Not too bad, but way below my expectation.

Next race: 35+ 1/2.  Report tomorrow.

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