Massage Therapy and Cycling

OK, so as an amateur racer I am not used to racing with too much support. One of the big differences between the Pros and the rest of us is the complete focus on racing that a team structure allows, including the support of a soigneur. Fortunately Sonic Boom has an amazing sponsor in Raining Faith Massage. Mr. Gibble is an amazing guy to have as a sponsor. He provides us motor pacing and physical therapy/massage. After crashing last week, I developed a series of small and growing problems. The biggest being a groin muscle and hamstring tear. I couldn’t really ride all week, but thanks to Gibble he was able to get it to the point I could race after ONE visit. It was amazing. I didn’t have a stellar race (no surprise under the circumstances), however I was able to race and finish 14th after having a hard time riding at all in the days before. We all have a certain amount of time and money we can dedicate to bike racing. After this experience, I was reminded that some of those resources can pay dividends when spent with a guy like Gibble.

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