Sprinting Form

I am working with Randy Mclain on getting ready for track nationals this year. (3 time national champ and silver medalist at the worlds on the track, as well as one of my best friends.)  Randy has just recovered from a tough year battling cancer and is trying to get back in form for the national championship […]

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Weight Loss – Day 14

So here I am, 2 weeks into my weight loss plan.  So far I am 10 lbs. down and at my goal of 175 lbs.  (or close enough)  I am definitely going to continue my focus on keeping the weight down moving forward and try to go a bit lower.   I am certainly not very lean yet […]

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Weight Loss – Day 11

So far so good.  I have hit my 177ish goal a couple of days early.  I have been able to get on the bike every day this week and that has helped a lot.  I am sticking to my diet OK, but not perfect.  Drinking a ton of water is definitely helping me stay “full”.   […]

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Weight Loss – Day 8

So as I suspected my weight loss has been on a slower trend.   The good thing is that I still have plenty of fat to lose and am far away from having to really dig deep at a 6% body fat. I didn’t ride much Friday – Sunday.  I got in a 1.5 hour ride […]

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Weight Loss – Day 5

I don’t have access to my same scale, so it is difficult to post any stats until Monday.  Based on my home scale, I lost another 1 lb. by Friday morning and then gained back another 2 lbs.  So that puts me at a net loss of another 1 lb. and 5 lbs. from my […]

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Weight Loss – Day 3

Well I was pretty surprised to see my weight significantly down again. I suspect all the fiber from the raw fruits and veggies is flushing out my system somewhat. I also was pretty light on the calories yesterday, coupled with a race and another hour of riding.  I am suspecting the weight will become MUCH […]

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Weight Loss – Day 2

  I am going to try and post my weight nearly daily so that folks can see the success and struggles to get down to 175. I will be weighing myself in the nude every morning first thing after clearing my bladder to try and get an even keel weight. This morning I was 183.4. […]

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Weight Loss

Every serious bike racer pays attention to their weight.  It is a bigger issue for some than others.  I have teammates and clients that can’t gain weight and I have some that struggle in a major way.  I offer diet and nutrition support in my coaching and have had very good results, but at the […]

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Studying Bike Racing

As a kid I remember watching football with my dad.  He was a football fan, but also coached me from 5th grade through high school.  So when we watched football, it wasn’t just as a fan.  We STUDIED the sport.  As I grew older we would watch film on other teams and our team in […]

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