Weight Loss

Every serious bike racer pays attention to their weight.  It is a bigger issue for some than others.  I have teammates and clients that can’t gain weight and I have some that struggle in a major way.  I offer diet and nutrition support in my coaching and have had very good results, but at the end of the day it is the athlete’s dedication, determination and will power that make the difference.

I have been pretty busy with my life lately.  Bike racing has been a great distraction, but not the sole focus.  Coaching, design, and family have been fairly demanding.   Additionally, we sold our house and haven’t found a place to live yet.  Pressure is on.  So I haven’t been focused on racing and nutrition like I should, but this is a great time to put into practice what I preach. 

I need to drop 10 lbs. or so.  My race weight used to be sub 175, but I haven’t really been there in a year or two.  So that is my goal.  I raced last year 182-180 and had a fairly good year.  This morning (post breakfast) I was 185.6.

How do I plan to get there?  I like simple plans because I have a simple mind, so here is what I am going to do:

  • No liquid calories
  • No drinking alcohol (after a weekend with my old rugby buddies this is an easy one)
  • No ice cream (this is like asking me not to breathe, but I’ll try to hold my breathe for a while)
  • Minimize gluten (this is just an easy way to keep from eating a bunch of bread and pasta that is usually high in calories and high glycemic index)
  • Don’t eat process foods
  • Eat raw fruits and veggies a lot
  • Eat meat, lean preferred but not required
  • Snack with fruit/yogurt/nuts
  • Add supplemental workouts in, although I do ride/train, I often go days without working out, I will try to do something every day.  No matter how small.

I’ll update regularly on how it goes.  I am feeling lighter already after riding to work and having nuts/yogurt for breakfast.

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