Weight Loss – Day 2


I am going to try and post my weight nearly daily so that folks can see the success and struggles to get down to 175. I will be weighing myself in the nude every morning first thing after clearing my bladder to try and get an even keel weight. This morning I was 183.4. I know this looks like I dropped 2 lbs. in one day and I sort of did. But this was likely a fluxuation in water for much of it. I am trying to keep these swings realistic and wouldn’t be surprised to see my weight go back up tomorrow a bit.


A couple of items I need to add to my list of items that I will be doing:


  • Drinking water. Lots of it. Every time I eat I will drink a 12 oz glass, no matter how small of a snack.
  • Shopping.  Stocking my office with good foods will make all the difference.  You can’t eat what you don’t have and in a pinch food usually is bad food.

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