Weight Loss – Day 8

So as I suspected my weight loss has been on a slower trend.   The good thing is that I still have plenty of fat to lose and am far away from having to really dig deep at a 6% body fat.

I didn’t ride much Friday – Sunday.  I got in a 1.5 hour ride on Saturday and the rest of the time was hanging with the family.   They left for Iowa Monday and it was much more important to prepare for the trip, look for homes, and hang with the kiddos.  I did get two rides in with ALL 5 of my kids on Saturday and Sunday.  I hooked up a double Burly and a Tag-A-Long behind my cross bike and then my 7 and 9 year olds road their bikes.  We cruised around my nieghborhood for a bit and it was pretty fun. Not exactly training, but a good way to get outdoors and hang out with the kids.  I also was pretty relaxed on my diet.  We had a big family dinner of pizza with my wifes cousin and aunt’s family on Sunday night and hit fast food up once due to our packed schedule. 

But I still am down from the last time I weighed myself and making progress on my goal.  This is a good lesson of keeping things simple.  I was careful not to snack too much (which is tough for me when I am home) and to be mindful of portions.   Also, no ice cream snacking at night and no drinking.  No liquid calories.   Chose the veggie pizza over the everything.  Small things like that add up.  Still drinking tons of water too. 

Less than 5 lbs. to go and I bet I make a big jump this week since I will be riding more and on my own for eating.  I suspect I will hit 177 by the end of the weekend. 

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