Weight Loss – Day 11

So far so good.  I have hit my 177ish goal a couple of days early.  I have been able to get on the bike every day this week and that has helped a lot.  I am sticking to my diet OK, but not perfect.  Drinking a ton of water is definitely helping me stay “full”.   My go to snack has been oranges and nuts.  The big question is about recovery.  Am I getting enough food to restore my body and the training efforts? I have not backed off on intensity, doing the bus stop ride Tuesday and racing last night.  After the race last night, I was sure to get home and eat a couple of hamburger patties to ensure I got enough protein.  I feel great this morning, so I guess it worked. 

The weight has come off way faster than I expected.  I have lost 8 lbs in 11 days.  Not normal.  This suggests to me that I was pretty FAT.   I still think hitting 175 will still be a challenge.  The last few lbs. are always hard.  But I have a big weekend of riding that will help a lot.  After hitting 175, I am going to evalutate trying to go lower. 

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