Weight Loss – Day 14

So here I am, 2 weeks into my weight loss plan.  So far I am 10 lbs. down and at my goal of 175 lbs.  (or close enough)  I am definitely going to continue my focus on keeping the weight down moving forward and try to go a bit lower.   I am certainly not very lean yet and could lose another 10 lbs. before I get cycling lean.  It will all depend on my energy and how my body feels.  So far I am listeing to my body and trying to respond when hungry.  Truthfully, with all the dense foods I have been eating (raw veggies, nuts, frozen fruit), I haven’t felt all that hungry.  I also don’t have much to snack on at the house and that is keeping me pretty light on my extra calories that go in due to boredom.

I got to this last push by eating reasonably and riding a TON.  I did  a 20 hour ride time week this last 7 days and I haven’t done one of those in a decade.  And it was on a mountain bike before I even had a road bike.  The riding was a combination of race like efforts, long hauls, and two epic days in the mountains this weekend.  All requiring a ton of calories.  I ate reasonably around the rides and ate about 200 calories per hour or riding this weekend.  I didn’t try to eat light, but I do have some stomache discomfort when I eat a lot and ride hard. 

I seem to be recovering between rides reasonably well.  I think the focus on protein has been helpful and lots of water.  I am still downing a ton of water, keeping a glass or bottle with me at all times.

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