Sprinting Form

I am working with Randy Mclain on getting ready for track nationals this year. (3 time national champ and silver medalist at the worlds on the track, as well as one of my best friends.)  Randy has just recovered from a tough year battling cancer and is trying to get back in form for the national championship this year.  We have decided to do some sprint workouts on the road to supplement his track workouts.  Randy is uber fit right now and is showing quite a bit of strength.  His weight has come down to a reasonable 205. (He is a big man and built for football instead of bike racing!)  He always puts out demoralizing power numbers on his SRM.  1700-1800+ watts are pretty common for him in a sprint.  However, after taking over a year off from competing and training seriously, Randy is lacking sprint FORM.  His power is good 1500-1600+, but not as fast as he will top out at yet.  The interesting thing is that there is a lot of work to do on his sprinting form.   After taking that time off, the rhythm and position on his bike is off.  If you watch the best in the world sprint, there are key elements of body position and sprinting that make the 1% difference between winning and top ten.   Randy always had the great form you get from spending a ton of time on the track and has lost it a bit.  We’ll be working on finding that position again the leverages his mega upper body strength, is aero, and aligns his body so that he is getting full power transfer without losing that smooth 120+ cadence you need to be successful on the track.   One thing I know for sure – Randy is a competitor and it is going to wear me out trying to keep up.

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