Go Mom Go

Cycling is an incredibly accessible sport.  Everyone knows how to ride a bike and a basic bike is actually rather affordable. (think Walmart)  While I wouldn’t recommend a big box store bike for real riding, I see so many folks using those bikes to get to work, etc. that aren’t “into” cycling.  Good for them.  […]

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I am currently in a number of transitions, most importantly the move of my family a meer 6 miles down the road.  This doesn’t seem like much but it is taking quite a toll on the time for bike riding/racing/everything.  I did put in some monster miles in the last month and I am pretty […]

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Colorado Cycling Coaching

I have coached a number of sports at a variety of levels – 6 year old soccer (assistant coach), high school rugby, etc. While serious in their own ways, it was always a “fun” activity without too much pressure. Being a coach in Colorado can be the exact opposite if you let it. There are […]

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Stop Riding Your Bike

What?  Stop riding your bike?  What the heck is that all about? RECOVERY Depending on what part of the country you live in, your season is about 1/2 way through or just past.  If you have a long season, like many fair weather states (Texas was February through October when I lived there) it is […]

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“Epic” Ride

  The term Epic is overused in cycling. One of the reasons is that so much of what we do in cycling and training can lend itself to such and adjective.   Epic is apropos for riding so hard you want to die, 18% climbs, 60 mph downhills and the like that we encounter in […]

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