“Epic” Ride


The term Epic is overused in cycling. One of the reasons is that so much of what we do in cycling and training can lend itself to such and adjective.


Epic is apropos for riding so hard you want to die, 18% climbs, 60 mph downhills and the like that we encounter in cycling and racing.  


 This weekend was a mixed bag for me.  Saturday was the Masters State Championships and I suffered greatly in the peak of the heat at the 4:20 start.  The course has six 90 degree turns in 1 kilometer, making it difficult to drink any thing while racing.  I was happy to finish in the 20-somethings and get some liquid in my body.  I have never done well racing in the heat and 100 degrees was insane.   I am going to explore some techniques I have been researching this weekend and see how it goes in my next hot race.  I’ll do a report on the variety of heat fighting techniques next week.


The real challenge came on Sunday when a friend and I decided to do a 125 mile ride in the mountains.  I don’t usually have the luxury of having the time to hit up these insane rides, but I have a bit more time in the next week or so to get in some “Epic” rides.  The route was big one.  13 categorized climbs and a lot of heat.  I went through 14 water bottles and 2 coke ice cream floats.  The smoke was pretty heavy north of Boulder, but it was worth the stinging eyes and throat to enjoy an amazing day in the mountains. 


After descending Boulder Canyon we hit up a nice dip in the creek.  Perfect way to end a long hot day.


I took a couple of pics of some interesting items along the way.  My favorite is the Cows Not Mine sign.



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