Stop Riding Your Bike

What?  Stop riding your bike?  What the heck is that all about?


Depending on what part of the country you live in, your season is about 1/2 way through or just past.  If you have a long season, like many fair weather states (Texas was February through October when I lived there) it is time to consider a break.  Cycling is so difficult and taxing on the body that a good midseason break to recharge the batteries is important.  This is both a mental and physical break from the intense racing and training that most racers have been neck deep in for several months.

Mentally most racers have a hard time keeping that desire and winning edge the entire season.  It is tiring to hit up endless intervals, long endurance rides, etc. for months at a time.  If time is not taken off, it can become a massive chore to train or race.  As soon as thoughts like that enter our minds, you should know that you are likely long overdue for a break.

Physically racing and training at your top level for several months can have negative consequences.  Eventually your body can’t keep it up and you can slip into overtraining and cronic fatigue.  If you are trying to peak for certain parts of the season, these mid season breaks can be instrumental in setting your body up to achieve peak performance later.

So take a bit of time off now or soon.  Go hiking.  Go on vacation.  Eat some ice cream.  Enjoy it.  Don’t worry about losing fitness.  1-2 weeks off won’t set you back much and will give your body a chance to actually set up for bigger gains later on.

A good indicator of when it is time to get back on the bike is when you just can’t wait to get out and ride.  Once you have that feeling, wait 2 more days and then ease back into training.

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