Colorado Cycling Coaching

I have coached a number of sports at a variety of levels – 6 year old soccer (assistant coach), high school rugby, etc. While serious in their own ways, it was always a “fun” activity without too much pressure. Being a coach in Colorado can be the exact opposite if you let it. There are countless coaches in the state with a variety of “expertise” or formats that creates a highly competitive environment.   Some are part of a large conglomerate, some are ex-pros looking to extend their career in cycling and then there are the other guys.  (me)  Although I don’t believe I have lost a client to another coach yet, it is bound to happen.

I am almost entirely reputation based with my clients.  Most folks have come to me once they got to know somebody who raced and improved.  Occasionally someone reads this rambling drab on my website and gives me a call.  I haven’t let it get to the point of being a job yet and many times it is the best part of my day.  This year I have been lucky to work with some fairly successful athletes.  I have been uber proud of these guys and it has dwarfed my somewhat subpar personal performance.  (Cool thing is my team is doing well so I get that bump too) 

As I was working on July’s training I received a cool email that one of my athletes is tied for the Best Rider in his category.  I am pretty excited to focus on winning that deal together as we wrap up the remainder of the season. 

Thanks to all those athletes I have had the pleasure of working with in the past decade.  I am lucky to have made many lifetime friends in a job that I love.

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