I am currently in a number of transitions, most importantly the move of my family a meer 6 miles down the road.  This doesn’t seem like much but it is taking quite a toll on the time for bike riding/racing/everything.  I did put in some monster miles in the last month and I am pretty confident of keeping my fitness through this transition.  Lifting all those boxes has to be good for something.

The second transition  many riders are about to begin is into cyclocross training.  Whether you are racing road and then cyclocross or if you are just focused on cross, this is usually the time folks start to think about getting a bit serious about training.  If you are racing road/mountian and transitioning, your training will be much different than just focusing on cross.  The cross specific folks need to get a good base and build under them to be ready for the intense season.  The year-round racers have that in spades and likely need a break.

Personally, I am again going to try and have a real cross season.  I have yet to put together more than 10 races in a year and most of the time only hit a couple, mostly due to injuries and illness. (Broken arm, chest pains, Swine Flu, etc.)  I am hoping that I can get it right this year and actually come out swinging.  Time to start working on all those skills so I only make a minor fool of myself on the first Wed. worlds.

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