Go Mom Go

Cycling is an incredibly accessible sport.  Everyone knows how to ride a bike and a basic bike is actually rather affordable. (think Walmart)  While I wouldn’t recommend a big box store bike for real riding, I see so many folks using those bikes to get to work, etc. that aren’t “into” cycling.  Good for them.  And some of these folks eventually make it into the world of wanting to get into RAGBRAI or a charity ride of some sort.  Good for them.

My family has gotten into cycling quite a bit over the past decade.  My brother and I have both raced mountain, road, track , cyclocross, etc.  I have watched my dad go from the $1200 dollar Klein (actually a pretty cool bike) to the Trek 5200 to the Madone to the Project One Madone.  And now my mother has her carbon Trek and is taking on a 50 mile charity ride.

My mother isn’t the most athletic gal, which makes this goal even more inspiring.  Go Mom Go.  I was happy to put together a training plan that takes her from a very recreational level (1-2  one hour rides per week at the most) to a person capable of a 50 mile ride in the summer heat.

I structured a plan that takes her up incrementally over the next 2 months to get in the miles and to train her all of her energy systems.  A solid mix of endurance, tempo, cadence work, and even some VO2 max work to progressively get her in shape to complete the ride in fine fashion.  I am excited to watch her improve over time and become more fit.  Go Mom Go.

I’ll post an update after the ride to see if we were successful.

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