Hiring a Cycling Coach

Fall is the time where I see the most interest in new clients and it is the perfect time to begin interviewing candidates.  I usually start my conversations with clients around both of our expectations and characteristics.  After coaching over 70 athletes in the past decade, I have a good sense of whether I will […]

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US Pro Cycling Challenge

This last week Colorado was graced with one of the biggest pro stage races in North America.  My brother, dad and I went out for Friday’s race finish in Colorado Springs and Saturday’s race finish in Boulder.  The plan was to ride the course ahead of the race and get a feel for what the […]

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Being Prepared

I have said a zillion times, cycling is much more mental than physical.  Sure you have to have decent legs, but at a certain point everyone has the legs and it is the folks with real mental strength that persevere.  Being prepared is critical in bike racing.  Showing up to the race with your race […]

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Cyclocross Training

  Cyclocross is starting very soon in Colorado and if you haven’t started training you are all ready behind. I love cross. I have often said that if I could pick any one bike racing to be good at it would be cross. I combines all the things I like about bike racing into an […]

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