Broken Arm – Again (And race report)

Had my website not completed disintegrated last year, I would just be able to reference this post back to July 2010.  But since it did die, I have to add this new post. 

I went down to Golden for my last road race of the year, the Raising Hope Criterium.  This race is on a course that suits me perfectly and I won 3 of the weekly races there last year.  I just got back from China Wednesday night, but I was still feeling pretty confident.  I did the Thursday night Bus Stop ride and felt great. 

The race went perfectly for our team (the two of us, Colby and I).  We both followed early moves and eventually Colby got in a move that stuck.  He has been riding like a beast this year and I was confident in his chances of success.  I sat on the front and followed moves to bridge up.  I was thinking that it was likely that a move would make it to the brake since we had several very strong riders in the group –Allen Krughoff, 2 Garmin riders, 2 Juwi riders, and 2 Groove/Subaru riders all have strong legs and no teammates up the road, so I was looking to hitch a ride.  The wind picked up substantially during the race and it become much harder to make attacks.  I sat in and the group worked together extremely well.  Since there were a number of strong riders, the group dropped a ton in the cross winds and began to close the gap to the break.  The break looked to have some infighting with about 30 minutes to go and it ended up being the demise of the break.  As we worked our way closer, a small group attacked out of the break to get away.  I didn’t see when this happened, but when we caught the break I noticed Colby wasn’t there.  I looked ahead and saw him in the elite group that made it out.  Perfect for me and him.  Thanks Colby for making the race.  I was able to sit in as the group chased.  When we hit 3 laps to go it was looking like the break would stick and it would be a sprint for 6th.  2 laps to go I moved up into the top 10.  The trick was to sit close to the front for position, but not be stuck in the strong wind pulling in the last few laps.   As we went single file in a cross wind I sat on Krughoff’s wheel.   He is a strong rider and I was confident that he would have a good position for the finish.  I was very surprised when he veered slightly left and ended up in the gravel adjacent to the road.  I began to break and he tried to get back on course.  Which resulted in a wash out of his wheel and my going ass over tea kettle.  I rode over his bike (crunch, sorry Allen but I was trying stay up) and hit him (sorry again) and then landed on my hands into a roll.  It was a pretty vertical crash, which always seems to be the worst.  No sliding to take away the force, just slammed down on my hands. 

As soon as I got up I knew that I was pretty hurt, but I didn’t think anything was broken.  As the post crash adrenaline wore off I began to wonder since my left elbow and forearm were tightening up.  By the end of the night I was sure it was broken, again.

Allen was very apologetic for the crash and I appreciate his owning up to it.  No hard feeling bro, that is part of bike racing.  Hope you heel up soon as well and have the usual awesome cross season.

 As you can see here I have a fracture on my radial head.  The upside is that it is much better than when I had this same injury 2 years ago.

You can see here that my last injury had a bit of displacement and was broken clear off.  This time it is a fracture that doesn’t go all the way though. 

I am feeling much better than I felt a week in last time, so I am hopeful for a quick recovery.  Not the way I wanted to end the season and not good for my plan to actually have a real cross season.  However, I can’t complain.  Injuries happen in bike racing and it could have been much worse.

BTW Colby placed 5th in the race.  Good showing bro.

7 thoughts on “Broken Arm – Again (And race report)

  1. Hi,

    I fell of from my mtb on the way to home in a small accident. The parked car on the right side of the way opened the front door while i was passing through then i lost my balance and fell on my right elbow.

    I was diagnosed radial head type 1 fracture, doctor said no need to do surgery just a sling keeping my arm 90 degrees attached was enoug. 4 days passed after the accident, 11 days later i will have the sling taken out.

    Can you share me your experiences to deal with recovery progress ?

    How long will it take i can start swimming and cycling ?

    When will I gain full arm motion as good as before the accident ? Is 100% recovery possible ?

    xray image is below

    please help me if you can..


    1. I am no doctor, so any thoughts are purely from my experience. I was able to get on the trainer pretty quick, within a week, just no pressure on that arm. I was in a cast type sling (cast in position for me to be able to ride) for 3 weeks and then slowly started working it again. I was riding outdoors in a month or so on the road. I did a cross race with my first break 6 weeks later, I wouldn’t recommend that. It was torture. From there on out it was do what I want as long as I could deal with the pain. Massage therapy helped me a lot, just to keep the scar tissue down.

      I can now do anything I want and don’t notice it much. Occasionally, I have some lingering stiffness when swimming or from mountain biking. Generally, I don’t notice. I would not be surprised if I have some arthritis in the elbow eventually, but for now it is all good. I do know that I cannot fully extend my arm, but I only notice this when I compare arms.


      1. so happy to get response in such short time. sounds like you had a very short recovery time as you return to your activties after week time. i was advised to stay away from sports for about 2 months though i do not consider it long. but my worry is gaining full motion back is not always possible since i have been googling for experiences.

        i swim more than i cycle in a week it is essential for me as i have back injury. i do fast strokes and need full arm extension, now with this accident happened it is putting me off from pool.


      1. I have been searching on internet for similar stories, not many i found heart freshing. Most of patients are suffering long term pain and disability. I start to believe that i will have to live with this for whole my life. Your fracture is so similar to mine. I thought i might have similar result your story.


      2. I think if you keep positive and do the work to get back your flexibility you will have a better outcome. I didn’t sit around, I kept active and kept the joint moving as soon as I could to maintain my joint’s overall health.
        Good luck!


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