Being Prepared

I have said a zillion times, cycling is much more mental than physical.  Sure you have to have decent legs, but at a certain point everyone has the legs and it is the folks with real mental strength that persevere. 

Being prepared is critical in bike racing.  Showing up to the race with your race kit together, food etc.  will save so much energy.  Cylocross is even more intense.  The conditions can change from the time you drive out there and when you race.  Many of the pro racers I know have set kit prepared at all times with a variety of gloves, skin suites, embrocation, sun glasses, gels, and tights.  Many change their setup between warm up and the race.  Most of the triathlets I know have their race kit packed a week in advance so that they show up to their big day without any additional stress.

Bike racing is measured in small percentages.  Trying to find that 1% is the difference between 1st and 20th.   This sense of being prepared can give you that calm before the storm that is so helpful in having a good race.  Lining up at the start with a calm focus about the task ahead will give you that 1% edge over the guy pinning his number on in the start line.

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