Fall Training?

Many racers still subscribe to the age old adage of taking a complete rest in the Fall.  I believe much of this is due to the lack of motivation after a long grueling season.  Let’s face it, bike racing takes a lot out of you, especially mentally.  The same adrenaline rush and focus that makes racing fun […]

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Broken Arm Report

After a seriously helpful session at Raining Faith Massage, my arm is now feeling much better.  The bone seems pretty solid, but prior to my session I was having a ton of pain and strength issues in my forearm.  Obviously this is a challenge since controlling your bike is so critical in cross and not […]

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Recovery and Cyclocross

Cross racing is hard.  So hard that that 30-60 minute effort takes a huge amount of recovery.  If you are racing twice in a day or weekend it is likely that your body is going to need some major recovery. Structuring a training week during cross season is pretty difficult due to proper recovery.  I […]

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Cross Bike Build

  I have been working on my next bike build and it is nearly complete.  I just have some final touch up and details to add before sending it out for painting.  I will be placing the cable guides on next and a seat stay bridge.   Building bike frames gives you a whole different […]

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