Recovery and Cyclocross

Cross racing is hard.  So hard that that 30-60 minute effort takes a huge amount of recovery.  If you are racing twice in a day or weekend it is likely that your body is going to need some major recovery.

Structuring a training week during cross season is pretty difficult due to proper recovery.  I always err on the side of too much rest over too much training.  I’d rather see my athletes have more in the tank to give it their all in training/racing, then be tired going into a race.  Quality over quantity is the key to cross season.   

Usually this early on there is a decent amount of training occurring outside of the races, but as the season progresses I usually only prescribe 1-2 days a week of hard training to compliment racing.  The good thing is that there are so many special skills to work on that a week can be filled out with some skills work or even some chill mtb riding to get the “can’t sit still” athlete on their bike.

The other cool thing is that, unlike road season, this gives a lot more time to the athlete to hang with the family, get house work done, pay attention to your girl friend, etc. 

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