Broken Arm Report

After a seriously helpful session at Raining Faith Massage, my arm is now feeling much better.  The bone seems pretty solid, but prior to my session I was having a ton of pain and strength issues in my forearm.  Obviously this is a challenge since controlling your bike is so critical in cross and not having confidence and control in one arm is fairly detrimental. 

The first test was a lunch session with a 1-2 cross racer on my team this last Friday.  Chad is pretty fast and has phenomenal bike handling skills.  He was gracious enough to take me through a few laps out at Valmont Bike Park.  The arm felt awesome.  I barely noticed it.  I was quite surprised since the arm was killing me Wednesday on the exact same course.  Confidence was growing.

After a Saturday spent at soccer games and working on the house, I decided to give the arm the ultimate test on Sunday.  Hall Ranch.  This trail is about 10 miles from my house and a great mountain bike trail.  I am a pretty big fan of riding my cross bike on single track and thought this would be a fun place to get out and ride.  The trail is a mix of tough loose climbs, big rocks and flowy trail.  It seemed like mostly rocks and climbing to my out of shape legs.  I thought I would do the initial climb and then descend since the trail is pretty rough for a cross bike, but after getting to the top I was having too much fun to flip around.  So I did the full top loop and had a blast.  The arm felt great.  A bit fatigued from the effort and the braking (it’s not too easy to break as hard as needed on the steep turns with a cross set up after being used to hydralic mountian bike brakes). 

I was pleasantly surprised by how well a cross bike handled the terrain.  I guess I can understand the 29er revolution.  Big wheels on rocky trails are great.  I can definitely see this becoming a regular ride and surely a testing ground for my new cross frame I just built.

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