Choosing a Team – Part 3

 The next installment of choosing a bike racing team is geared toward the higher lever racers.  Not that they need the advice, but it seems this topic is of interest to folks new to cycling. The transition from Category 3 to 2 is a big one.  So many racers end up racing masters or retiring after […]

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Choosing a Bike Team – Part 2

The more experienced racer often has different needs regarding the choice for at team. I’ll start off by saying that I advocate staying on the same team as much as possible.  There is a cohesiveness that forms as riders get used to each others racing style and strengths.  It takes months, if not years, for […]

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Choosing a Bike Team – Part 1

Choosing a team as an amateur bike racer can be a rather complicated affair.  As a racer starting out, I don’t think the amount of “sponsorship” should play much of a factor.  There isn’t enough bike racing money to go around to give much in the way of sponsorship to Category 5 racers.  So what […]

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