Holiday Health Tips

With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all coming along in the fall, it is a great time to add 5-10 pounds that we have all bee working so hard to hold off.   Rather than counting calories and ruining your holidays by worrying about calories instead of enjoying the season, I have a simple list to keep […]

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Road Bike Build

I’ve wanted my own “Campie Design Studio” frame for road for a while.  I finally got the time and energy into putting one together over the last month or so. I designed the bike to be pretty racerish and used some slightly steeper angles for tight criterium style racing, but not super steep. This was […]

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The Best Off Bike Training

If I had to pick one thing I to work on off the bike to be faster at cycling (I’d like to pick about 4 things) it would have to be core work.  So many cyclists are incredibly weak in their core and it affects so much of their riding.   The core muscles have so […]

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Sonic Boom Racing

So after all this talk about racing teams, why did I pick SBR last year?  As I stated before, one of the reasons was my current team losing our sponsors. It was a shame, since BRC was a great group of guys and I really enjoyed racing with them.  But when one door closes, another […]

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