Sonic Boom Racing

So after all this talk about racing teams, why did I pick SBR last year?  As I stated before, one of the reasons was my current team losing our sponsors. It was a shame, since BRC was a great group of guys and I really enjoyed racing with them.  But when one door closes, another opens.  So I took the opportunity to find a new team.  As I started looking the following were my priorities:

  1. Guys I knew.  I ended up on a team of 8 that I had raced with 4 guys on the same team before in the 1/2s and several others in other categories.  So this felt alike like a 2nd generation of BRC that a whole new team.
  2. Racers close by.  I believe in teamwork and it doesn’t happen without practice.  The best way to get to know each other is to ride together.  That simply doesn’t happen if you are all over the state.
  3. A commitment to race.  Too often I have found myself racing most of the season solo after joining a team.  So having enough 1/2s and showing up to races are key.  SBR is a committed race team.  I did race several times solo or with 1 teammate, but this was often due to teammates travelling to national level racing.
  4. A team with better riders than me.  Sometimes the best motivation comes from within the team and I believe winning is contagious.  I like to be around fast guys because I know it makes me faster.
  5. A decent sponsorship.  This is important personally, but also because you can recruit better riders with better sponsorship. 
  6. A cool story.  SBR was formed to honor a racer who was killed in a collision with a car while training.  He was often touting his attacks created a “sonic boom.”  The story is greater than I can do it justice, but the team very much honors his memory and discusses this racer frequently.  It is cool to have a team built around something bigger than riding a bike.


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