Road Bike Build

I’ve wanted my own “Campie Design Studio” frame for road for a while.  I finally got the time and energy into putting one together over the last month or so.

I designed the bike to be pretty racerish and used some slightly steeper angles for tight criterium style racing, but not super steep.

This was my first pure tube set (Columbus Spirit for lugs) that I used.   I utilized some uber light lugs  and minimal elements to produce a relatively light bike.  Built up with pedals, cages and normal  wheels the bike is sitting at 18 lbs.  I suspect I will be racing it at 16.5 or so with pedals.  Not too bad for a full steel build and a bunch of medium weight parts.  The 7900 group is top notch, but the seat post, seat, bars are medium grade stuff.

I haven’t had too much time to ride it yet, so I have to get back to the ride quality.

I have really enjoyed the process.  However it is pretty demanding and extremely frustrating at times.  Custom builders earn every penny they make from my standpoint.  Getting a frame just right and having a top quality show up in the painting, ride, and appearance is monumental task that takes an artisan.  Just finding the right paint group or someone to properly install a headset is difficult in the modern day of carbon bikes, built in headsets, etc.  The art of frame building is simply not supported by bike shops anymore.  I had to take the bike to 3 different shops to get the bottom bracket chased, the headset installed and the seatpost reamed.  Plus I have to drive to Denver to get it powder coated.  And forget about finding any brazing alloys or flux locally.   I don’t mean to complain, just trying to make it clear what it takes to build frames by hand today.    At the end it is worth it to ride something you created from your imagination.  Inspiration for the next frame is evident as your last concept and design is translated into every pedal stroke.

I already know what I would do different on the next road frame.  Now I just need a reason to build another one.  I had some fun on instagram with the pics.  Its hard to tell, but there is some real detail in the paint work with metallic red lugs and silver highlights.

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