Low Carbs and Low Calories While Bike Training

As stated in my last post, I am on a weight loss push.  I am trying to get down to 170ish.  I always drop a bit initially, then level off into a slow roll of the weight coming off.  I lost about 1.1 lbs per day for the first 5 days and now have gotten into a more reasonable 1-2 lbs per week pace.  I am trying to eat whole foods (raw veggies/nuts) and lean meat primarily.  I am sticking with a low carb diet for the first 2 weeks, then I plan on introducing a bit of fruit. 

It hasn’t been too hard so far.  The biggest exception is that my wife has made a couple of my favorites that have tested me: Lasagna and corn bread. 

Training has been difficult, I will admit.  I usually go low cal, but I keep a decent amount of fruit.  This is the first I have tried the low carb as well and I can certainly say it has affected my training.  The first week was pretty tough to get out and feel like I had anything in my legs.  However, this week doesn’t feel so bad, in fact the fat-burn adaption is quite nice.  So far I feel like I can ride pretty long without fatigue, but I don’t quite have a good top end.  This usually wouldn’t be much of a deal in January, however I might end up racing in Texas in a week or so and I can’t show up to that without any speed.  So I am trying to find that balance to get the legs up to speed without messing up the weight loss.  IMG_5183

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