Peaking in the Early Season

 Time to get back to some cycling training posts.  I haven’t been training much, trying to let my knee heal.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to swim much due to a slight tear in my left shoulder rotator cuff.  So I’ve been in damage control mode instead of ramping up for spring racing mode.  I’m […]

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Rabid Frameworks

  My friend started building frames a few months after me (I like to think I inspired him) and I thought it might be cool to show how he is doing it.  While we both essentially started at the same time, he has been more consistent on his building.  It has been essential for both […]

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Memorial Bike

  The build is coming along nicely and I’ve just finished the front triangle.  It is interesting to build a bike frame and get to consider all the little details that I always took for granted on my own bikes.  Barrel adjusters?  Do I want them, have I ever used them?  I have them on […]

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Memorial Bike Build

I am starting on my next bike build this week for a friend.  One of my best friends lost his mother recently and we decided it would be cool to make a frame in her honor.  She had a stained glass business and did some really cool work.  So we are going to take inspiration […]

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Stretching For Cyclists

I had an excellent article on this written before my site crashed and I wish I had the heart to recreate it.  The important thing is that I am a huge fan of stretching.  Cycling is great for the body in many ways, but it is horrible for flexibility.  One of my favorite quotes is […]

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Recovery Nutrition for Cycling

 So many bike racers finish a hard training workout and gorge themselves.  Sure you’re hungry from riding, but just dumping food into your body isn’t the best idea.  Especially if you are not at race weight.  I read an article in Bicycling magazine years ago about a guy who lost a ton of weight from […]

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Pain and Bike Racing

There is plenty of fun in bike riding, but bike racing is all about the pain.  Whether it is the pain of barely holding the wheel in front of you as your body cries out to slow down, your own personal suffering up a climb, or hopefully the pain in the eyes of your opponents; pain is […]

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