Pain and Bike Racing

There is plenty of fun in bike riding, but bike racing is all about the pain.  Whether it is the pain of barely holding the wheel in front of you as your body cries out to slow down, your own personal suffering up a climb, or hopefully the pain in the eyes of your opponents; pain is bike racing close brother.

I am currently in the world of constant pain due to bike related activities.  The first issue is my knee.  Due to overuse to early (warm winters are never good for cycling injuries) and trying a new bike position that put too much force on the front of my knee, I am in the world of trying to bring the knee back from constant sharp pain and swelling.   This was not helped out by riding a bunch of miles on a rental bike that wasn’t fit correctly last weekend.  I think I have it figured out and it is going to be OK with some time, but it is sure is hard to stay off the bike when the season is fast approaching and the weather is good.

The second pain is one that I didn’t want to come close to this year –  road rash and brusing. (I think I have well over 50 scars from bike riding, maybe I’ll do a story about each one some day because some are pretty funny.)  I went down on the aforementioned rental bike last weekend on a wet, off camber turn when the rider in front of me slid out his rear wheel and I couldn’t find any way to stay up.  Luckily it was a wet slide and I was able to keep riding with no damage to the rental.  I did however gain some huge bruises on my left quad (about 14″x6″ currently), arm, shoulder and hip, coupled with some nice road rash to start the year of right (or wrong). 

So currently I am trying to ignore the pain in my legs while training, respect the pain in my knee and take it easy, and ignore the pain in my arm and elbow while typing this post.  I love bike racing.IMG_5423


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