Memorial Bike


The build is coming along nicely and I’ve just finished the front triangle.  It is interesting to build a bike frame and get to consider all the little details that I always took for granted on my own bikes.  Barrel adjusters?  Do I want them, have I ever used them?  I have them on my production bikes, but I’ve never really used them so I guess I don’t need them.  Bullet shaped cable guides or flat?  Would I like my water bottle mount a bit higher?  On a small frame, how can I place the water bottle so that there is room for the front derailleur and a full size water bottle?  These questions are endless as you build a custom frame.  Some of it is trial and error or just personal preference.


Building a bike from scratch is part arts and crafts, part engineering, and part sculpture.  One of the most exciting things about going to the NAHBS is that I’ll be able to see new details and hopefully be able to pull them off on my own bikes. 


Here is the concept for the paint job on the new bike and some shots of the frame in construction.

IMG_5439 IMG_5446 MARK copy

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