Rabid Frameworks


My friend started building frames a few months after me (I like to think I inspired him) and I thought it might be cool to show how he is doing it.  While we both essentially started at the same time, he has been more consistent on his building.  It has been essential for both of us to share ideas, techniques, tools (he has more and cooler ones than I) and designs.  While I have chosen to go the Lugged Steel route for personal aesthetic and ride character, Brent has gone the Brazed Fillet route.  He is also a single speed junky and has stuck with the simple aesthetic of a single speed mountain and climbing road bike.  Brent is less concerned about weight than I am, rather much more into the aesthetic of shaped tubes and beautiful fillets.    He also is obsessed with stiff frames since much of his climbing occurs out of the saddle due to the single speed nature of his bikes. 


Brent is totally pro with his builds and I suspect will be selling a bunch of bikes pretty soon.   As you can see below his frames are works of art.

IMG_6473 IMG_3711 IMG_5466 IMG_5464 IMG_5463 IMG_5462

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